Thursday, 27 November 2014

Hornsea Piggy Banks

Ok, I'm closing up shop for the run up to Christmas as I'm too busy with family stuff at this time of year, but I have loads of new lovelies to list starting on Boxing Day.  As I'm a nice person I'll let you have a sneaky peak over the next few weeks.   I'm changing the look of my shop a bit too by introducing some more of my own creations crafted from upcycled vintage items. It's not just jewellery...

First up, here are two couples.  I can never resist these little Hornsea piggy banks, although they are surprisingly small, they are full of character.  Here's an interesting fact for you:  although these piggies were designed by Hornsea and most likely by John Clappison, they did donate the moulds to a neighbouring factory (Scarborough Pottery) who then made them in different sizes and hand painted them in their own style.  I have only ever seen them listed as 'Hornsea' though so it's always a dilemma to know how to describe them without being misleading.

Hornsea Piggy Banks
I really love these little tinplate wind up toys especially the little bird.   I am wary of winding them up too far in case I break them but two twists of the key has set them both of for at least 10 seconds...the bird pecks and the duck swims (is it a duck or a goose?). The duck is marked on it's underside with Inakita, made in Japan.

Tinplate wind up birds

The little bird is so photogenic, with just enough tarnish to give him a wise and wordly air.  I am very tempted to keep him...

Sorry about the dark photos but although it's mid morning, it is one of those typical drizzly damp Scottish days with very little light getting through.  I managed to spot one patch of sun out at sea!!

Check back in a few days to see what's coming next...xx

Friday, 21 November 2014

We're All Ears - November


Hello, it's been a while!  Sorry to confuse everyone, I'm signing in as FionasGotVintage rather than FishyMoonDesigns for the time being. is my effort for this month based on the lovely animated clip and pictures above.  I drew my inspiration from the contrast between the earthy colours of the girl (actually I thought she was a boy!) and her surroundings, against the spiritual greys and whites of the mystical  creature.  I made highly polished silver circles to represent the whiteness of the 'dragon' and for contrast I used ceramic beads by Rey from Greybirdstudio who captures natural textures so well don't you think? They look like real timeworn pebbles.   I have also included african terracotta beads with a couple of tiny green amazonite and czech glass seed beads thrown into the mix too.   And look...I finally used thread! I have always greatly admired the way that many of the participants of this blog hop have used thread or fabrics in their designs but I've never been able to make it work for this month I moved out of my comfort wasn't so bad, I might even do it again sometime!

To get back to Earrings Everyday click here and for those of you across the pond who are enduring the terrible snowstorm we've been hearing about on the news - Stay Safe and Take Care!  Until the next time ...xx