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We're All Ears July 2015

Handstitched Quilt

This months inspiration comes from the stunning quilts hand stitched by women of the Siddi community in India.  The Siddi people are descended from the Bantus of Southeast Africa but many were brought to India by the Portuguese as slaves in the early 16th century. After escaping slavery small groups remained in regions of India to form their own unique and distinct communities.

The Siddi women  produce beautiful art, joining together fragments of brightly coloured discarded saris to form a unique quilt each one telling it's own individual story.  The quilts are known as kawandi and are finished at each corner with a triangular patch of fabric representing a flower.  I started to wonder about what sort of personal adornments the women themselves would wear.  As flowers are an important part of the quilt then perhaps they would wear jewellery with a connection to nature. Here then is my interpretation...domed discs formed from copper clay, 'fossilised' with leaves from my herb garden and dangling below are brightly coloured glass seed beads.  Earthy and elemental...

Copper Leaf Earrings

Sorry about the dark photo but it is another grey stormy day here in Scotland.  Thanks for visiting and to get back to earrings everyday click here...xx