Friday, 22 July 2016

CE Marking My Soft Toys

For quite some time I’ve wanted to make creatures from my stash of vintage materials.  However it turns out that there is a European Directive that says anything that has play value or visual appeal to a child must comply with lots of regulations. Vintage materials are a bit of a grey area, as the manufacturers can't always be traced for fabric safety testing and safety levels have changed over the years (particularly in relation to the metallic elements in fabric).  You can read all about the rules here if you are in the mood. So to cut a long story short, I have now made a creature in a ‘vintage style’ just because I hate to be beaten!

I have met every one of the regulations, and now have an inch thick ream of paper to prove that this one single toy is safe for a child to play with. Bunny is made from denim and cotton fabric, meant to look like she’s made from scraps, but it’s all new materials and triple stitched no less.  Everything used in her production has a safety certificate (the fabrics, thread, stuffing, interfacing, even the compulsory label) and she underwent the physical tests shown below...twice (pre-washed and washed).

It’s a shame that she didn’t get to live for very long…

Poor Bunny

The Tests

If you are thinking of going down this road and you are in the UK then you should check out the CE Marking Handmade Toys Collective (sorry I can't put in a link here as it seems to go straight to my login page).   They can provide you with everything you a cost of course!  I found them to be very helpful.  I'd better get cracking, I have a lot of bunnies to make...xx